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1 Nov 02, 2018
An Assessment of Web Scenario for Efficient Prefetching Through Big Data Analysis

Www is vast, diverse, and dynamic and having increases scalability, temporal data. The rise of Www has given rise to a large quantity of data as big data that is now available for user access. Different types of data must be managed and organized so that can be accessed by different users effectively and efficiently. Web application is most common used application all over the world in order to perform communication. There are several challenges in web applications such as security, time and space, and so on. With respect to time, the web server processes the request and then generates the response to the client. In this period of time, the Web preselects one of the best concepts to make the Web application more efficient. This paper deliberates about the web prefetching over numerous methods. Web caching is a famous approach for refining the performance of Web based system by retaining web objects that can be used in the near future....


2 Nov 02, 2018

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management is a chronic environmental problem in most of the developing countries, including the India. The concept of Waste-to Energy (WTE) is known as one of the several technologies capable of benefiting a society, which desires to reduce fossil-fuel addiction. Currently, there is no WTE facility existing in the India. The MSW is collected and disposed in landfills untreated. A substantial increase in the population by 2.2 % per year over the last years coupled with urbanization and raised living standards have resulted in high generation rate of MSW. The food and plastic waste are the two main waste streams, which covers 70 % of the total MSW. The waste is highly organic (up to 72 %) in nature and food waste covers 50.6 % of it. The aim of this paper is to review the prospective WTE technologies in Jabalpur city in India. Three WTE scenarios were developed: complete incineration; incineration with recycling and Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) with Biomethanation. The results show that Jabalpur has the potential to produce about 197 MW of electricity based on incineration scenario; about 57 MW based on incineration with recycling scenario; and about 76 MW based RDF with biomethanation scenario in the year 2030....

Authors: Nalini Singh.

3 Nov 02, 2018

Sentiment analysis is one of the prominent fields of data mining that deals with the identification and analysis of sentimental contents generally available at social media. Twitter is one of such social medias used by many users about some topics in the form of tweets. These tweets can be analyzed to find the viewpoints and sentiments of the users by using clustering-based methods. However, due to the subjective nature of the Twitter datasets, metaheuristic-based clustering methods outperform the traditional methods for sentiment analysis. Therefore, this paper proposes a novel metaheuristic method (CSK) which is based on K-means and cuckoo search. The proposed method has been used to find the optimum cluster heads from the sentimental contents of Twitter dataset. The efficacy of proposed method has been tested on different Twitter datasets and compared with particle swarm optimization, differential evolution, cuckoo search, improved cuckoo search, gauss-based cuckoo search, and two n-grams methods. Experimental results and statistical analysis validate that the proposed method outperforms the existing methods. The proposed method has theoretical implications for the future research to analyze the data generated through social networks/medias. This method has also very generalized practical implications for designing a system that can provide conclusive reviews on any social issues...

Authors: Harshal Thakre, Vaibhav Pate, Anurag Shrivastava.

4 Nov 02, 2018

Sentiment analysis research has been increasing tremendously in recent times due to the wide range of business and social applications. Sentiment analysis from unstructured natural language text has recently received considerable attention from the research community. The Cuckoo Search is an optimization algorithm proposed by Yang and Deb in 2009. It applied in solving problems of optimization. It influenced by a bird cuckoo that lays their eggs in the nest of other host birds. The cuckoo egg laying and breeding is the first basic motivation for the development of new optimization algorithm. This optimization algorithm increases the efficiency, accuracy, and convergence rate. In this paper, a brief review is given about the cuckoo search algorithm and also about the optimization and its problems. Different categories of the cuckoo search and several applications of the cuckoo search are reviewed. In this paper, we also propose sentiment analysis model based on common-sense knowledge .The polarities of extracted concepts are determined using the contextual polarity lexicon which we developed by considering the context information of a word. Finally, semantic orientations of domain specific features of the review document are aggregated based on the importance of a feature with respect to the domain. The importance of the feature is determined by the depth of the feature in the ontology. Experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed methods...

Authors: Harshal Thakre, Vaibhav Patel, Anurag Shrivastava.


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